Art Club

Come either day at any time. Flexible options for busy families.

Our Art Clubs are a wonderful way to unleash creativity and have a blast while doing so. Whether it's painting, crafting, or learning new techniques, our clubs are an enjoyable ongoing weekly activity. 
Work alongside fellow artists where ideas are shared, collaborations and encourgement flourish, and friendships are formed. 

Club Activities Include:

Multi-Medium Painting
Guest Teachers
Gallery Exhibitions
Waterview Artist Guild Mentors
Community Outreach and Fund Raisers
Gallery & Museum Meetups

Club Schedule

Kids (6-12) Monday & Wednesday 4-6 pm


Monthly membership fee is $69 drop in is $20 per class.  This includes basic materials needed for all projects, with options for upgrades or additional projects.  Student may attend as few or as many sessions as they like however they only will be provided materials to make a specific craft once.  Membership is billed at the beginning of the month and can be cancelled at anytime, however there are no refunds once a given month has been billed.

* Ladies Nights are billed individually depending on the craft and the entertainment offerings.  These events are b.y.o.b

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